Azzurra & Co. sartorial care for a production that is renewed over time.

Unique or designed-on-request models, carefully tailored by experts with years of practice into the knitting and weaving field. Thanks to the flexibility of our production, we can offer Made in Italy fashion on a wide range of knitwear manufactured products, ensuring at the same time the maximum availability to design and create customized items. Our products are all designed to offer a perfect wearability to young customers for all sizes, this is why our selling success has been confirmed for years.

High quality yarns with fine craftsmanship.

We have more than 200 knitwear and tailored outfits; we use fibres such as: wool, mixed wool, mixed Angora, artificial and synthetic fibres, cotton, silk, linen, etc. Jacquard weaving, patchwork, plain-woven for any kind of wool fineness, using full fashion weaving, including handmade outfits creation,enriched with embroidery and decorations.